Templ Hosting Review: One Of The Best Managed WordPress Hosting

templ hosting review

It’s always hard to try a new hosting when we have so many options around. But when that hosting is based on the Google Cloud Platform, it’s hard to resist. I had the perfect opportunity to try Templ hosting and here is a comprehensive templ hosting review.

I am a big fan of Google cloud platform. Most of my blogs are hosted in Siteground which uses Google cloud servers. Due to the strategical presence of google cloud server all across the globe, it makes more sense to host websites on Google servers. That loads your website much faster.

History Of Templ Hosting

Templ is fairly a new web hosting company based out at Stockholm, Sweden. They have the mission to serve ultra fast web hosting services using their state of the art technologies. Though I am not sure how the name “Templ” got conceived but my hard guess is that it might be from the word ” Temple”

Templ hosting is purely relied of Google cloud platform which is great considering Google cloud is one of the best cloud platform to choose for web hosting. Their offering varied from manged WordPress hosting to Managed WooCommerce hosting and hosting for big agencies.

I am so glad that they offer a free trial to try their hosting. I opted for a 10 days trial and this review is about my personal experience with Templ hosting. I never write a review about any hosting unless I try and test the hosting using any of my blogs. Same goes true with Templ hosting as well. So this templ hosting review will give you a broad overview of there hosting service.

Features Of Templ Hosting

First of all let me tell you that, the feature sets of templ hosting are different than you see traditionally with other shared host or cloud host. You won’t see features like” Unlimited Bandwidth”, ” Unlimited sites” as those terms mainly suits for typical shared hosting.

Google Cloud Platform

No doubt, Google Cloud is the only reason I tried their service. This is fast, reliable and offers wide options for data centres. Google uses theirs in house CDN which makes your website loads very fast. Google offers data center in almost all location across the globe. So even if you don’t use a CDN, you are expected to get a reliable speed. On top that since its a cloud platform, so you will get the uninterrupted speed with almost no downtime.

Managed Hosting

Those who ever tried managed hosting may never turn their head to unmanaged hosting. No matter how good we are in technical terms, but it’s hard to compete with professionals who manage the hosting environment. Templ hosting is a pure managed hosting. They are expected to manage your hosting and solve all your hosting problem. This is something very great as you don’t need to worry about managing your hosting.

NGNIX Web Server

NGNIX is the best webserver to date to power your hosting. Over 90% of web host use Apache as their web server due to the open-source environment. In fact, many reputed web host uses Apache which really surprises me. Fortunately, Templ goes with NGNIX which makes your website loads very fast. So if you love NGNIX, then you can choose templ hosting without any doubt.

MariaDB Database Environment

I don’t remember last time when I saw any web host offered MariaDB. I have seen most of the web host offers MySQL database only. MariaDB is much faster and offers excellent performance compared to MySQL.

QUIC Technology Support

When most of the web hosts are struggling to offer HTTP/2, Templ hosting offers HTTP/3 or QUIC support which is simply outstanding. Trust me QUIC will simply make your website load much faster than HTTP/2 and it’s more secure too. So if your call is to experience QUIC technology, you can try Templ hosting.

Free Staging Environment

Staging is something that we need when we want to implement some changes to our website and not sure if its fine to do in the production site. Staging offers the freedom to verify the change and once it’s ready, it can be pushed back to the live site. Templ hosting offers a staging environment so that you don’t need to worry about the unexpected issue due to any change to your website. This feature is also very special as most of the reputed web host does not offer this service.

SSH Access

SSH ( Secure Shell) is a more secure way of accessing and transferring file to your remote server. It is a more secure way of transferring files compare to traditional FTP ( File Transfer Protocol). Fortunately, Templ hosting offer SSH access in all their plans.

Custom Control Panel

Templ hosting offers a completely custom coded control panel. No more boring C Panel or CentOS web panel. You will be surprised to see the custom control panel which is really intuitive. All option and settings are well in place and all navigations are well laid out. A big thumbs up to Templ hosting for this extraordinary control panel.

templ hosting review

Wide choice of Data center location

Since templ hosting is based on Google Cloud platform, so you have the option to choose a data centre from a wide range of choice. In fact, I got a data centre location in Mumbai which usually not a case with many web hosts. Having a data center location near to your audience location helps to get good speed at that location

Free Migration

Templ Hosting offers free migration of all your sites by their expert professionals. So no more hassle of migrating your website from old host to new host.

Free Backup

Templ hosting offers free backup for all your sites. They do daily backups of your website and you can access those backup for up to 30 days. So from now on you don’t need to worry about data loss as templ hosting is there for you in case you see any issue in reverting back your website.

Professional Support

Trust me, Templ Hosting has the best support team. Just to give an example, I was trying to migrate my website and I was facing some issue. I see there is a popup on my screen offering help. Can you expect something like this? So what I felt is that their support team is proactive than reactive. They don’t wait for your ticket to respond. They will keep a track on for your problems and solve those on the fly. Simply outstanding

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Templ Hosting Plans

Templ hosting offer plans suited for beginners to an enterprise level. Resources are shared for all those plans except for the topmost plan. Below are the details of their hosting plans. Frankly speaking, I did not like the way they named their plans. It does not give a trending sense of what I believe. In all their plan you can only install 1 website. If you want to install more websites, you need to add $10 per month. All plan comes with free SSL certificate

  • Small
  • Small Plus
  • Medium
  • Large

templ hosting review

Templ Hosting Small Plan

This is a very basic plan which offers 10 GB of SSD space and 10 GB bandwidth. In terms of resource, you will get 1 core share CPU power and 1 GB of Ram. Though I don’t have any issue with 10 GB of web space but 10 GB bandwidth and one WordPress install could be a concern for many

Templ Hosting Small Plus Plan

The only difference from the small plan is that if offer 2 shared CPU power, 2 GB of Ram and 18 GB of SSD webspace. The bandwidth is also limited to only 18 GB

Templ Hosting Medium Plan

In medium plan, you will get 2 CPU cores which are shared, you will get 4 GB of Ram, 25 GB SSD webspace and 25 GB of Bandwidth. Although all resource to be optimal, 25 GB Bandwidth and only one WordPress install is something that bothered me.

Template Hosting Large Plan

This is the plan which has 2 dedicated CPU cores, 8 GB of RAM, 50 GB of SSD space and 100 GB of bandwidth. The resource allocation looks great but I feel the pricing is out of the territory for many.

Templ Hosting Pricing

Personally, I felt like the pricing of Templ hosting is a bit high. I feel like they are trying to compete with industry leaders like WP Engine or Kinsta and other similar Web Host. Frankly speaking, this pricing approach is not wrong but unless you have a brand name and market share. The ideal approach would be to offer maximum resource with the lowest price possible, get the market share and then increase your pricing.

I understand hosting on Google cloud platform is bit costly, but the market is following a different trend now a days. Unless we have a competitive pricing, its very hard to survive.

  • Small Plan : $29
  • Small Plus Plan : $54
  • Medium Plan: $ 79
  • Large Plan: $ 149

$29 Only

Get the flavor of Google Cloud Platform with world class web hosting environment just for $29 only

More Less
Doesn't expire

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Templ Hosting Performance

I hosted one staging site in templ hosting. The website that I hosted was not optimized for speed. I use following plugins in that website so that you will get an idea how your website might behave if you opt to choose Templ hosting

  • Cache Plugin : WP Super Cache
  • Optimization Plugin : Automatize
  • Jetpack: No
  • CDN : No
  • Image Optimization : No

As you can see from the below report that, templ hosting performs fault well with out of the box plugin sets and No optimization. I hope once you optimize your website and use a CDN, you may get a far better speed. Here is a quick result data.

  • Time To First Byte: 1.2 Sec
  • Average load time: 2-3 Sec
  • Google Page Speed score: 92
  • GT Metrix Score : 95/84
  • Pingdom Score: 80
  • Server Responce Time : 260 ms

Here the score in Google Page Speed. I got 92 in the desktop environment and 70 in the mobile environment which is fairly a good score. Below are scores from other speed testing tools

templ hosting

templ hosting

templ hosting

templ hosting

templ hosting

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Why you should choose Templ Hosting

Templ hosting has a fair list of positives which may print you to choose Templ hosting. I understand that the pricing is high but considering the feature set, I believe the pricing is justified. Here are couple of key point that keeps templ hosting distinguished from other host.

  • Google cloud platform
  • NGNIX and Maria DB
  • QUIC technology
  • Data center location
  • Staging environment
  • SSD storage
  • Fully managed hosting
  • Excellent support

Few negatives about Templ Hosting

Frankly speaking, I don’t see any negatives except the pricing is very steep. Any serious blogger will prefer to choose Templ hosting, but the pricing may hold them back. I wish that templ hosting may come up with more competitive pricing in future.

One more issue that bothered me is that you can host only one website even after spending more than $ 100 a month. This is a deal-breaker for sure. In the same price range and with the same feature set, WPX Hosting and WP Engine Hosting offer you to host multiple websites.

Conclusion: Templ Hosting Review

In one word I would say Templ hosting is just ” Brilliant”. But as I said already the pricing is the main hurdle. The pricing simply can’t match the offering and not as per with the market trend.

So if you are not much bothered about money and want world-class web hosting technology, then this is the hosting for you. I understand they are new to the market, but their feature sets are very promising and for sure you won’t regret choosing them.

As I said this templ hosting review is just an overview. If you want to experience their service you can simply sign up for their trial plan and if you feel happy you can buy any plan later.

Happy Blogging!

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