Resellersclub VPS hosting review ( Plesk): The best and cheap VPS hosting

Resellersclub Plesk VPS hosting review

Are you fade up with so many restrictions with your current shared hosting? Want a better hosting service but on a tight budget? Then you should opt for VPS hosting. So in this article, we will do Resellersclub VPS hosting review which is one of the best cheap VPS hostings. Excited? Let’s dive in.

What is VPS hosting?

VPS is the abbreviation of Virtual private server. Yes, you read it right. It’s a private server. But no need to get super excited. It’s a virtual private server and not a physical server.

Most of you might have heard about virtualization of Windows. Many of you may have used VMware for virtualization. Right?

What VMware does is that it creates a virtual machine in your computer where you can install a separate OS, separate programs etc and it behaves like a separate computer.

VPS works with the same principle. In VPS, a physical server is virtually divided into multiple servers. But each virtual server has its own dedicated resources.

Virtual Private Server Or Shared Hosting

Frankly speaking, VPS is also a kind of shared hosting, but the only benefit is that in VPS you can have dedictaed resources whereas, in shared hosting , all resources are shared.

Since all resources are shared across many customers, so you won’t get good speed. When your website starts getting more traffic, your shared hosting may not be enough to handle it.

So if your website is brand new, you can start with shared hosting, but if you see traffic spike, better to move to a VPS. Nowadays even the VPS cost is very close to shared hosting. So it’s better to start with VPS hosting only.

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History of Resellersclub

Don’t get confused by their business name ” Resellersclub” . You may think that they are only offering reseller hosting. But that’s not true. They offers all forms of hosting service and also acts as a domain register.

resellersclub hosting

ResellerClub was started in 2006 with a mission to serve a cost-effective reseller hosting solution. But soon expanded their portfolio and started a wide range of hosting service. Currently, ResellerClub is present in 10 countries with more than 100K resellers. ResellerClub is owned by Endurance International Group which also own hosting Giants like Bluehost and HostGator.

Resellersclub VPS hosting ( Plesk) feature

Resellersclub VPS hosting offers VPS hosting with C Panel, Plesk web panel or without any web panel. If your VPS does not ship with any web panel, you can use CentOS web panel which is free of cost.

ResellerClub Plesk VPS hosting comes with Plesk web panel with 10 licence Pak. What that means is that you can use this VPS hosting as a reseller hosting also. But with this plan, you can only sell 10 accounts.

Here are a couple of key features that ResellerClub offers. Please make a note that in any VPS you can host unlimited websites, however, space, ram and bandwidth will be limited.

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Plesk Web panel

Those who are bored with C Panel may try this VPS hosting for Plesk. Plesk is a very intuitive web panel with navigation properly layed out. Unlike the C Panel, Plesk offers a very clean interface. Trust me, you will like the interface.

Resellersclub Plesk VPS hosting review

Intel Xenon Processor

If I am not wrong , you have hardly ever asked any web hosting company about the type of processor they use if you are buying a shared hosting. But since VPS is a private server so you should know what processor they are offering. This Plesk VPS is powered by Intel Xenon processors which are known for extraordinary performance.

Resellersclub Plesk VPS hosting review

SSS Storage

This VPS hosting has an option for both HDD and SSD. But I would say, go for SSD only because those are almost 20 times faster than regular HDD. Off course you have to pay a bit higher price for SSD

Apache Web Server with NGNIX reverse proxy /Cache

Apache powers almost 50% of web hosting servers. So no surprise here. But the main highlight is NGNIX reverse proxy which offloads most of the task of Apache. NGNIX cache static contents and delivers directly from its cache instead of sending the call to Apache. That is why you can expect a far better speed.

resellersclub plesk vps hosting

Flexible option for RAM

You will have the option of choosing the amount of RAM required. Ideally 2 GB ram is enough for an average websites. But you can always buy extra RAM as and when required

Choice of Data centers

Yes, they have a data center in India. That sounds amazing amazing. Right? While buying this VPS hosting you can choose your data center either in India or USA. However if you use Cloudflare, data center location does not make any sense.

Free SSL

Nowadays every web host offers free SSL. What’s the big deal with ResellerClub. The big deal is that the SSL certificate is pre-configured. Those who buy naked virtual server may know the pain of configuring virtual servers and SSL certificates.

WordPress autoconfigured

The hosting environment is optimized for WordPress with so many tools that you can use for free. It has a one-click installer ( Not Softcolous ) for WordPress.

Dedicated IP

That’s the beauty of virtual private servers . You will get a dedicated IP in the basic plan and two dedicated IP in the top most plan.

Up to 2 TB bandwidth

The basic plan offers 1 TB bandwidth but the topmost plan offers 2 TB of bandwidth. 1 TB of bandwidth is sufficient for a website having about 1 Million traffic.

Automatic Server Repair

Please has a dedicated tool to repair your server in case there is an issue. Of course, it can not solve some complex issues but for day to day problems, this tool is the best.

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Resellersclub Plesk VPS hosting Plans

Resellersclub Plesk VPS hosting Plans tailored made for low to moderate traffic websites. Here are the plan details

  • Standard Plan
  • Business Plan
  • Pro plan
  • Elite plan
resellersclub plesk vps hosting review

Standard Plan

Standard Plan offer 2 dedicated CPU cores, 2 GB of RAM and 20 GB of SSD ( you can also choose HDD if you want). The bandwidth is limited to 1 TB and you will be given one dedicated IP

Business Plan

The business plan is similar to Standard plan but it offers 4 GB of RAM, 40 GB of SSD and 2 dedicated IP

Pro Plan

The pro plan offers 3 dedicated CPU cores, 80 GB of SSD space and 6 GB of RAM. The bandwidth is limited to 2 TB and you will be given 2 dedicated IP.

Elite Plan

The elite plan is similar to Pro plan but you will get 4 CPU cores, 120 GB of SSD space and 8 GB of RAM. The bandwidth is 2 TB and you will get 2 dedicated IP.

Resellersclub Plesk VPS hosting Pricing

The price ranges from $ 7.99 for the basic standard Plan and goes up to $ 41.99 for the topmost plan. The pricing is still cheaper compared to other host offering the same kind of feature.

  • Standard Plan: $ 7.99
  • Business Plan: $ 12.99
  • Pro Plan: $ 29.99
  • Elite Plan : $ 41.99


33% Off

Sign up and get up to  33% off on all VPS hosting plan ( Plesk). Hurry and grab the deal. Limited time offer.

More Less

Resellersclub Plesk VPS hosting performance

This VPS hosting performs way better than any other web host in the same price range. Although there are areas where the performance could have been better. Below are our testing report.

GTMetrix Report

GTMetrix report shows a load time of 1.8 sec and Time of first byte is 481 MS which is fairly good.

Pingdom Tools Report

Can you believe that my blog loads in less than a second when I tested in Pingdom Tools

resellersclub plesk vps hosting

Google Pagespeed Insight test

You all might know that scoring good in Google page speed is a big achievement. My blog hosted in Resellersclub could able to score 95 in desktop and 71 in mobile which is excellent

resellersclub plesk vps hosting

Resellersclub customer reviews

Let me be very clear. ResellerClub does not come under the premium hosting service. So don’t expect something which big hosts like Siteground or Kinsta offer. Overall customer rating in various forums is above average. Below are some of the snapshots of customer reviews.

resellersclub plesl vps hosting

resellersclub plesl vps hosting

Why you should choose Resellersclub Plesk VPS hosting

  • World-class server and infrastructure
  • Flexibility in choosing resources
  • NGNIX cache
  • Ample amount of bandwidth
  • Plesk web panel
  • SSD storage
  • Free SSL
  • Cheaper price

ResellersClub Plesk VPS hosting Drawbacks

  • Security of VPS
  • No option to upgrade SSD storage. HDD has the option
  • Renewal price is high
  • No customization of VPS possible
  • Customer support is not so good

Final Call: Shall we choose Resellersclub Plesk VPS hosting?

I would say Yes if you are just moving out of shared hosting. Speed is great and Plesk Web panel is just awesome. But the key thing that bothered me is the customer support.

I won’t say customer support is bad, but if you are not familiar with VPS environment, you may have a hard time setting up stuff in this Plesk VPS hosting.

Although it has a few negatives, but considering the price, it’s the best bet. The pricing is almost similar to some premium shared hosting. As I said earlier that the speed is just awesome. So if your main consideration is speed then you should try ResellerClub Plesk VPS hosting

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is VPS hosting?

VPS hosting means Virtual Private Server where you will get a virtual portion of a private server with dedicated resources like CPU cores, Ram and Storage.

VPS hosting Vs Shared Hosting : Which one to Choose?

Depends on your website traffic. For low traffic go for shared hosting and for moderate traffic go for VPS

Do I need coding or technical Knowledge to set up VPS?

For most of cases , Yes. But in ResellersClub you don’t need to as everything comes preconfigured.

I am a beginner. Shall I buy this VPS?

No, You don’t need to buy. But the price is similar to shared hosting so there is nothing wrong in buying this VPS

ResellersClub Plesk VPS Hosting


Ease Of Use


ResellerClub Plesk VPS hosting is great for a beginner who wants to try VPS as they are fed up with shared hosting. For low to moderate traffic, this hosting works great. But for high traffic, you may need to look elsewhere.


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