Off late YouTube became a very popular platform for earning money online. Many YouTuber earn million of dollar per month and many others could not even earn a penny. That’s really funny but that?s how YouTube works. A stupid video gets millions of views but a knowledgeable video does not get viral. Well, that’s not purely YouTube’s fault. There is some guideline that we should always follow to get more views in our YouTube videos. So let’s talk about How to increase YouTube views

How to increase Youtube views

How to increase YouTube views

Stick to your Niche

As a viewer, I will never subscribe to a channel which has videos from multiple categories or niche. It’s kind of ?Khichdi? which no one likes it. So before starting a YouTube channel decide on which niche you will upload videos and stick to that niche. You may get fewer views at the beginning but if you stick to your niche it will give better result in the future.

Make Unique Content

Content is king on YouTube. Since there is stiff competition on YouTube, so unless you offer good and unique content there is no way for you to get success. Unique content does not mean that you will upload a video on a topic which does not have any audience at all. Do keyword research to find out good keywords with high search volume but less competition and make a video on that keyword.

Make High-resolution videos

Those days are gone when viewers were consuming multimedia contents in less than 500 pixels smartphone. Nowadays phone is coming with very high resolution. So our videos have to be made in high resolution so that it pleases the viewer. No matter how good your video content is but if you make that in 720 pixels, you are sure that you don’t get a good number of views.

Don’t Use too Many annotations

I see many YouTubers use too much of annotations which actually distract the viewers. How would you feel when you were enjoying the video but all of a sudden a pop up appears asking for subscribing to that channel. A viewer gets pissed off with so many annotations and that actually reduces the video view count.

Don’t beg for subscription

This is one of the major problems with many YouTubers. They kind of beg for subscribing the channel or follow in other social media platforms. It gives a negative impression that the video has nothing impressive and the creator is trying to make up that by asking for a subscription. Please make a note that if your video contents are good, the viewer will subscribe for sure. Don?t need to beg.

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Add Proper Tag & Hashtags

Tags and hashtags are one of the key factors for SEO, be it blogging or YouTube, Make sure you add enough tags while uploading videos and added hashtags in description or title. This helps the youtube algorithm to understand what is the video content without even accessing the video. Don?t use too much of tags as it may backfire in the name of spamming.

KeyWord in Video Title

Many YouTuber misses that but its one of the factor for youtube videos to rank high. The title of the video should have the main keyword in it so that search engine crawlers find it easily. Also, the video file name should have the same main keyword in it.

Proper Meta Description

The description should have the main keyword in it. On top of that, you have to add all other keywords on what you want to rank your videos. Description in youtube videos is very important as it helps search engine crawlers to know what the video is about. The description should summaries the video content but at the same time, we should not write a big paragraph.

Use End screen, Cards and Subtitle

Many bloggers don?t know the importance of using this three powerful feature. End screen prompt viewer to watch a couple of more interesting video of that channel. A card in the video helps to show relative videos which are more or less similar to the one he or she viewing currently. Sometimes it is not possible to explain a topic in a single video. In that case, you can make multiple videos and show up those in cards.

Subtitle helps videos to get a worldwide audience, For example, if a person from the USA wants to watch a video which is made in Hindi, he may not even watch it. But if we provide subtitle in English they may find some interest.

Attractive Thumbnails

Thumbnail is the one that shows up in youtube search result. It offers the initial impression to viewers about your videos. If you have an ugly thumbnail or you have a misleading thumbnail, no one will bother to click on thumbnails. So try to make an eye-catching thumbnail matching your video content so that you get more views.

Bonus Tips ( Share video on social media)

Social media is an integral part of our life and you can’t get success on YouTube without sharing the content in social media. Especially for new youtuber its a must to share content in social media so that they can build up the initial fan base. Once that is built, fans will share your content rather than you considering you make good and knowledgable content.

Conclusion: How to increase YouTube views

These are the tips that every successful YouTuber follow. These best practices along with good content can’t stop you from becoming a successful youtube. Many YouTuber doesn?t have time to follow these tricks and they use some shortcut methods. But shortcut methods never yield any good result.

That?s all I have in this article. Hopefully, you got some useful information in this article. If you have any questions, then do write in the comment section and I will be happy to answer you.

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