How To Backup WordPress Site: 5 Best WordPress Backup Plugin

5 Best WordPress Backup Plugin

It’s a common scenario to see plugin updates in WordPress. Almost every day you might see some plugin updates. It’s a best practice to keep WordPress and plugin updated to get the best out of WordPress. Unfortunately, some update creates some severe problem and breaks your website. It’s a real pain when you see a broken website after spending many months to build it. That is why backing up WordPress blog regularly should be the best practice that we all blogger should follow. You don’t know when something bad happens, so we should have a backup plan to overcome a broken WordPress blog. In this article, we will talk about how you can backup WordPress and 5 best WordPress backup plugin.

What is a Backup?

A backup is keeping a copy of your website files either in Cloud or your local computer so that when you live website crash you can use the backup data to restore it. This includes all data, images and database. A backup is always handy to restore your website quickly.

Why Website backup is required?

With so many plugins and so much of codes you don’t know when something goes bad and your website crash. A website crash means loss of data, customers, time, effort and money. It also affects your website SEO. So backing up website regularly is the best solution to restore your website when it crashes.

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Key Features of a backup plugin

While we are shopping around for a backup plugin for WordPress we have to make sure that it has these minimum features so that you can have complete protection of your WordPress blog.

Ease of Use

No one will use a plugin which does not have an intuitive interface and easy to use. It should be easy to navigate also, else it won’t be of no use as the users will have a hard time finding options.

Automatic Backups

People usually forget to take backups. So automatic backup is a must to have complete peace of mind without worrying about a crashed website

Backup to cloud storage

This is the era of cloud and if any plugin does not offer that feature will have a tough time getting popularity.


Well, it is too much to expect support when you are using free plugins, but if some plugin offers that it will give it an extra edge.

How to take WordPress backup

You can use below two methods to take WordPress backup. Both methods are effective to completely restore a website.

  • Backup at the server level
  • Backup Using WordPress plugin

Backup at the server level

If you are using shared hosting then you might have a backup option in C panel. From there you can take your complete website backup. You can also backup your database and home directory as needed. To back up using C panel please follow below steps.

  • Login to C panel
  • Search Backup Wizard option and click on it.
  • Select backup
  • Select Full Backup or Partial Backup
  • Select the location where your backup will be stored
  • Click Generate backup

To restore you have to follow the same process but instead of selecting backup you have to select restore in the backup wizard.

If you are using Plesk then you can use below process to backup or restore a website.

  • Login to Plesk control panel
  • Click Domain. It will list all website
  • Click Backup Manager on the top right side of the desired website
  • Click Backup
  • Fill all required details and then click Backup.

Backup using WordPress plugin

WordPress has many plugins which backups WordPress blog manually and automatically. With few clicks, you can backup your WordPress website without even log in to your web control panel. That plugin has the option to back up the website in the cloud also. Let’s discuss those 5 best WordPress backup plugin.

5 best WordPress backup plugin


Updraftplus is a widely used backup plugin for WordPress. With more than 2 million downloads it is the best plugin to backup your WordPress website. UpdraftPlus allows you to do a complete backup or partial backup of your website. You can store backup files either locally or you can store those in cloud services like Dropbox, google drive, one drive etc.

wordpress backup plugin

It also has an option to schedule backup so that you don’t need to worry about manually backing up. Restoring from backup files is also very easy. Unfortunately, you can restore the website to the same domain only. You can’t duplicate the website and restore it to a different domain. That’s is the only drawback in the free version. If you use the premium version, you can duplicate your website to a different domain as well. Premium version also has the option of database search and replace.


Duplicator as the name says duplicates your WordPress website. It has an Intuitive interface to copy all content along with the database and store it into a local drive. You can restore those files to the same domain or you can use that for a different domain. This helps when you plan to copy content from one domain to another.

wordpress backup plugin

One problem with duplicator is that it does not offer automatic backups in the free version. So if you plan to use regular backup, Duplicator is not a good option. Restoring is very easy but at the time it stuck and does not restore completely. Especially if the backup file size is more than 500 MB it creates so many issues.


This is a very lightweight WordPress plugin which does the job without any bells and whistles. It has very low memory requirement, so it works great even in shared hosting. It can take entire site backup or if you want you can exclude some file from the backup.

wordpress backup plugin

You can schedule backup so that it can backup automatically. Unfortunately, the free version does not allow to a backup file in cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox etc. It supports both Linux and Windows server and offered in multiple languages.


If you are looking for a backup plugin which automates the daily backup then BlogVault is the plugin that you should go for. It offers an automated backup to Dropbox and other cloud services. So after the initial setup, you can have complete peace of mind as BlogVault will backup your WordPress blog daily. For a big website, it offers incremental backup which is great.

wordpress backup plugin

BackWPup Free

BackWPup Free is a free backup plugin with more than 300000 downloads. It can backup the entire website to external cloud services like Google Drive, DropBox etc. An FTP can also e used to transfer backup files. It also has n option to optimize, check and repair the database. This plugin is free but it has a premium version also which offers support for the plugin.

wordpress backup plugin

Wrapping Up!

Both manual method and automated methods of backing up WordPress is a great tool to back up WordPress. The 5 backup plugin mentioned above is widely used and most popular among the blogger. Almost all five plugins offer the same kind of feature set but if you can in details to find out any special feature that you are looking for.

That’s all I have in this article. Hopefully, you got some useful information in this article. If you have any questions, then do write in the comment section and I will be happy to answer you.

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