How to increase YouTube views : 10 Proven tips

how to increase youtube views

Off late YouTube became a very popular platform for earning money online. Many YouTubers earn millions of dollars per month and many others could not even earn a penny. That’s really funny but that’s how YouTube works. A stupid video gets millions of views but a knowledgeable video does not get viral. Well, that’s not … Read more

10 Easy Ways To Make Money Online

how to earn money online

The Internet has brought a revolution to this generation. Almost everyone is connected to the internet nowadays. Due to the huge user base, this internet world has opened a huge number of opportunities to make money online. Most of the 9-5 office-going people want to have some second source of income. For them earning money … Read more

5 Free Ways To Improve Alexa Ranking Of Website

how to improve alexa ranking

Having a good Alexa Rank for their blog plays a big role if someone wants to get success in a blogging career. Although there is no evidence that Alexa Rank can affect SEO but a good Alexa Rank can help to build the reputation of a website. Unfortunately, there is no proper guideline on how … Read more

5 Best SEO Plugin For WordPress

best seo plaugin for wordpress

WordPress is one of the most popular software for creating a blog. It comes with many features off the shelves. Unfortunately, there is no default feature available in terms of SEO. To achieve SEO functionality you need to depend on some plugins available in the WordPress repository. In this article, we will talk about the … Read more

How To Install WordPress-Beginners Guide

best seo plugin for wordpress

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging and CMS software. More than 80% of blogs run on WordPress. Although it’s very easy to install and run, still many people struggle to install and set up WordPress. People who use an automated script to install WordPress find it super easy but those who have no … Read more

8 best payment method for bloggers and freelancer

Earning money online is the latest trend in the market and almost everyone nowadays running for earning some extra bucks. They earn either through blogging, YouTube, content writing, or simply by doing online freelancing. If you want to explore the 10 best ways to earn money online then please read this article first and then … Read more

How To Create A Sitemap In WordPress ( XML & HTML)

SEO is an important factor for your blog to rank higher. You may have a wonderful blog with many knowledgeable articles but if the search engine could not discover that then that wonderful blog has no value. A Sitemap solves this problem. Let’s learn in this article How to create a sitemap in WordPress What … Read more